Wandering Bella Photography (W.B. Photography), established in 2010, is the brainchild of Trudy Constant (formerly Trail). Since then the team has grown and is now co-owned by a husband and wife team- Trudy & Wil. Both Trudy and Wil are the product of island parents and are very passionate about photography and design.


“We believe that what makes us different is that we don’t just take photographs, we create works of art.”


Wil brings the photographic eye, while Trudy brings a strong graphic design background to finish up the masterpieces they create. Our photographic style is very artistic, and we like to think that we create works of art instead of mere photos, as a result, no two photos will ever look the same. 


“Our main aim as photographers is provide our clients- that means YOU, with quality works of art, that when memory begins to fade, the memories you cherish the most won’t fade with it."


Let us become your favorite "Tampa photographers!"





WANDERING - Back in 2010, when the company was formed, it was (and still is) a traveling studio, with Trudy, traveling to each clients’ home with a full studio set up in the back of her car!


BELLA - Bella is the title of a 2008 romantic drama that is based on a real life New York City love story. Trudy loves the name so much, that since then she’s had a car, guitar and laptop that’s all shared the same namesake!


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